Local leaders react to Tazewell County voters decision to keep auditor position

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Tazewell County voters decided Tuesday night to keep the county auditor’s position. 

On the ballots, voters were asked if they’d like to eliminate the position. 

Those for getting rid of the spot say they would keep an “auditor” of some kind as they would consider hiring a part-time position.

It would just be appointed.

“We’ll continue to operate how we’ve always done it with the relationship between the auditor and the county board,” said Dave Zimmerman, Tazewell County Board Member. “She has her statutory responsibilities and we’ll have ours and hopefully we can work together as a team and go forward.”

Now, those against getting rid of the spot say it would jeopardize the auditor’s independence.

“I hope this sends a message to the county board and the county board chairman that you know, [voters] want oversight and the government these days … we don’t know where our tax dollars are going and people want to know,” said Shelly Hranka, Taz Co Auditor: “They want to make sure there’s someone inside watching what’s going on.”

Hranka and Zimmerman say that this question will most likely not come up again anytime soon.

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