Local letter carriers call for snow to be shoveled as they face winter weather

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – Local letter carriers are braving the winter weather and depend on the community to make their job easier and safer.

Scott Haney is a 22-year veteran with the United States Postal Service. An average day for him means providing mail to 700 delivery points, no matter the conditions.

“Most of our routes have anywhere from an hour to an hour-and-a-half of office time. The rest of the time we’re outside,” Haney said.

Layering up is how Haney dealt with recent extremely cold temperatures, but it’s the snow that he says poses the bigger challenge.

“As soon as you get a pathway cleared for yourself to walk from house to house, or drive from mailbox to mailbox, it fills back up,” he said.

That’s why letter carriers are asking people to not only help make their job easier, but safer too.

“Shovel around your mailbox and also shovel the steps or clear a path to where your packages will be delivered,” Haney said.

Some Peoria residents like Harold Henricks are already answering that call.

“That’s the reason why I do keep mine clean, so that they have no problem getting to my door or if we happen to return something, they can come and go,” Henricks said.

Henricks also mentioning he doesn’t want a postal service worker to slip and fall.

Haney said even with the difficulties that weather brings on his job, it’s something carriers just know they must face.

“It’s something that we’ve all signed up for when we accepted the position at the Postal Service. That’s what we do, provide service to our customers,” he said.

Haney said in a majority of cases, carriers will do all they can to fulfill their deliveries but in instances where there is an extremely large amount of snow near a home, it could mean someone won’t get their mail.

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