PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Sarah Villa and her little girl Chloe have spent much of the last two years overcoming obstacles thanks to a plan laid out by therapists at Easterseals.

“It’s kind of like your guide book,” Villa said. “You know, no kid is born with a guide book, especially a special needs child that has needs that you weren’t expecting and don’t know how to take care of, they do.”

Chloe was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and a partially deleted second chromosome and suffers from other complex health problems. But she’s achieved great milestones thanks to at-home therapy with Easterseals.

“We set goals,” Villa said. “You know, in the next six months, I want to be working toward this, but it’s not imperative that the goal is met.”

Villa said Chloe’s little breakthrough moments are what it’s all about.

“When she muscles through and starts bearing weight through her feet, which, you know, we weren’t expecting or really working towards but when she surprises us and does something like that, it’s just incredible,” she said. “They help you handle balancing therapy with their medical needs, and they take care of Chloe just as much as they take care of us.”

Therapists use different techniques to keep Chloe progressing through her sessions. With Easterseals by their side, the family takes it day by day, conquering one milestone at a time.

“It’s hard sometimes, it gets very stressful,” Villa said. “One thing that I have not ever felt was frustration.”

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