Local movie theater to show sensory-friendly version of ‘Frozen 2’

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CHILLICOTHE, Ill. — Years after the popular Disney movie “Frozen” broke box office records – over $1 billion, to be exact -the long-awaited sequel “Frozen 2” is out now.

One local movie theater is making sure all children can enjoy the movie and “Let It Go” the way they want to by having a sensory-friendly viewing of the movie.

For one day only, the non-profit Chillicothe Town Theatre is dimming the lights, turning down the volume, and banning “shushing” so those with any special needs can enjoy the film.

Board president of the Town Theatre Shaun Grant said the idea was to create an alternate viewing to make kids feel more comfortable in the theater.

“With students that have special needs, or just younger kids being able to see some of these different movies that we bring in the theater, we want to make sure that everybody kind of has a perfect way to see the movie that works for them,” Grant said.

Grant said for the showing of “Frozen 2” the lights will be dimmed, the volume will be lowered, limited previews will be shown, the movie will be shown in 2-D, and cheering and strolling around the theater will be welcomed.

He said the theater typically puts on one sensory version of popular children’s movies when it comes out and sometimes ends up with up to 40 kids in attendance. He said the kids, and the community in general, are appreciative of the theatre’s alternative

“Optimist is all about serving kids and what they want to do, so with students, as a principal of the elementary school here I know a lot of my students come here and they appreciate it,” Grant said.

The theater’s sensory-friendly version of “Frozen 2” will be shown Saturday, Nov. 30 at 10:30 a.m., and Grant said he believes it’s an inclusive experience for all to enjoy.

“We can kind of bridge that gap for everybody to see movies and I think ‘Frozen 2’ is gonna be a movie from little kids all the way to the older group to be able to wanna come and see it.”

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