Local officials reject fuel tax increase

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Local officials reject a fuel tax increase.

Bloomington drivers often complain about city roads, saying the potholes are damaging vehicles and makes commutes difficult. Bloomington City Council decided Monday night, that a four cent increase in fuel tax was too high. But advocates say the money would have helped pay to get the roads fixed. 

“It’s unpleasant to drive on roads when they’re really damaged,” said Jack Walters, Boy Scouts Troop 938. “And it can be dangerous.”
The public works department said the constant change in weather is a problem.

“Well this time of year, Illinois sees a lot of our roads start to experience potholes,” said Jim Karch, Bloomington Public Works Director. “You know this freeze, thaw cycle that happens, just naturally in our state, really exposes a lot of the issues with out streets .”

Karch said some roads are worse than others.

“All of the streets in the community, we’ve rated them on a scale of 1 to 10,” said Karch. “We have a lot of good metrics on what it takes to have a right service level in this community. So we’re able to provide what type of funding is needed to be able to keep the streets at a certain level.”
Karch said council knows there is a need for more funding. They plan to discuss a lower fuel tax increase for street resurfacing.
If you see a damaged road with severe potholes or other damage,  Bloomington asks that you call 434-BUMP, and let them know.

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