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Local Peoria development organization persuing a downtown tax incentive

While so many want to draw more residents to Peoria's downtown.


This isn’t an overnight or cheap process.


Michael Freilinger is the President of the Downtown Development Corporation, he says a special service area (SSA) will be a long term investment for the district.


“We think its important to maintain the momentum we've been working so hard to build in revitalizing downtown.” says Freilinger.


The SSA is a tax incentive that Freilinger says would increase property taxes on residents in this specific area and be used to update the area.


Freilinger said, “They want to live in a dynamic urban environment and part of that is to have beautiful street-scaping to have nice landscaping to have a sense of uniformity in the services that are provided.”


But many business owners say its too early and they want more people to get involved.


Some owners say work needs to be done to sidewalks and streets first, allowing more businesses to build in the district.


Some residents say the taxes aren't gonna bring more people to the downtown district but infrastructure will.


While others say, this is a tax they’re willing to pay and they suspect more residents are also willing to pay.


Overall, this will be a decision that city council has the final say.

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