Local Pizza & Pub offers federal workers free meal, community encouraged to sponsor effort

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A Central Illinois pizzeria is stepping up to help furloughed federal workers by providing a free meal. 

It’s not uncommon for people in Pekin to help each other out in times of trouble.

Thursday, Two P’s Pizza and Pub showed a true sense of community as these owners and community members are supporting these federal workers.  

“The people in the community are very supportive of it and we’re glad to be able to help,” siad Tim Mucciante, owner of Two P’s Pizza and Pub. 

“If it’s in your heart, then you do it,” said Brian Cunningham, who’s lived in Pekin for 49-years. 

We’ve been hearing about the the federal government shutdown for weeks. 

The impact has hit home all across Central Illinois. 

“It’s not really about you know, saving them a bunch of money on pizzas,” said Mucciante. “It’s about showing our support for that aren’t getting paid to let them know that we’re thinking about them.”

What’s bigger than a federal government shutdown is the thousands of people across our nation stepping up to help these furloughed workers, some of them right in the heart of Central Illinois.

“I’m sure if you put yourself in their shoes, you’ll realize, you know, it is appreciated,” said Cunningham.

Two P’s Pizza and Pub in Pekin is giving any federal workers with a valid ID a free 7″ pizza along with a drink. 

“Let’s help them out and just let them know that we’re thinking about them,” said Mucciante.

“If you can just show a little bit of support like they are, it helps anyone’s morals,” said Cunningham.

Some say, well it’s just a pizza, but those affected know it’s much more than just a simple free meal. 

“It’s being able to get out and sit down and have a dinner and not feel guilty about spending the money and paying for it and just to feel, you know, a little normal about their life,” said Mucciante.

The free meals are available on Fridays and this week, Brady’s Carpet Cleaners is helping sponsor the effort by saying “The employees at the federal prison in Pekin are our friends and family… and it just feels right to be able to give some relief to them during these trying times.” 

Community members in Pekin are calling others to action. 

“I’d like to see other community places other than Two P’s doing that you know,” said Cunningham.

Federal workers can also bring in their families.

The worker will get their meal for free and the rest of their family will get the employee discount.

Other local businesses are encouraged to help sponsor these free meals too.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a meal for these federal workers, give Tim a call at (309) 353-6000. 

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