Local police chief fights against bigger tractor trailers

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Local law enforcement are taking a trip to Washington D.C. to fight against bigger tractor trailers.

Newer members of congress are pushing for an increase in weight limit and size of 18-wheelers. The maximum allowed weight as of now for trucks is about 80,000 pounds. Lawmakers want to move that limit up to 91,000 pounds. The increase in weight would cause trouble on the roadways, both for infrastructure and motorists. Bartonville Police Chief, Brian Fengel says that would cause issues on the roads.

” I’m looking forward to talking to new members of congress and members that have been there in congress, and telling the public safety side of it, and our concerns with it for the motoring public,” said Chief Fengel.

If any legislation is passed on the matter, the length of trucks would also be affected. Officials say some semis with double trailers could be forced to add 17 feet to the trailer length. The Coalition Against Bigger Trucks says Teamsters, or truck unions, are against the idea. A few big box companies are for the new regulations. C.O.A.T says bigger loads would increase productivity and thus save money.

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