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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Local police departments said they will be responding to violations of illegal fireworks usage.

Creve Coeur police took to Facebook, Thursday morning, issuing a warning to try to put an end to the amount of illegal fireworks going off in the village.

“We have tried to be patient with people and their fireworks but it’s gotten way out of hand,” the post reads. “Anyone caught lighting fireworks will be arrested and their fireworks confiscated.”

The post also instructed people who are troubled by the fireworks to sign a complaint in order for the police to be able to arrest those using them.

“If you are disturbed by the fireworks and witness someone lighting them, we can only arrest them if we see it or you sign a complaint,” the post read. ” So, if you’re going to call them in, leave your name and number and we’ll make the arrest based on your statements.”

Over in Pekin, Billie Ingles, public information officer, said their police department will be handling fireworks violations on a case by case basis.

Ingles said every situation is different and depending on the circumstance police could issue a warning or a citation for those using illegal fireworks.

Jason Miller, Morton police chief, said the department hasn’t had much trouble with fireworks violations recently and is only looking for compliance. However, he said as fireworks are still illegal in Morton, their response will also depend on an individual basis.

“Any kind of illegal fireworks can response with a citation being issued to the person who’s in possession of them or shooting them off,” Miller said. “Or it could be as little as just a verbal warning with an order to stop the fireworks at the time, but obviously a lot of factors go into that.”

Miller said officers will use their judgement on what kind of action needs to be taken in every instance.

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