Local Public Works crews filling hundreds of potholes as temperatures continue to rise

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – If you’ve been dodging potholes more than usual, there’s a reason.

As the snow starts to melt and temperatures start to climb, new problems are popping up all over Central Illinois roads.

“At this time of the year, if we’re not plowing snow, we’re filling potholes,” said Peoria Highway Department Engineer Amy McLaren.

When it comes to keeping the roads safe, Public Works crews across Central Illinois never skip a beat. Pekin Operations Supervisor, Brett Olson said it’s nothing new but his crew is more than prepared.

“Well it happens every year, it’s the Midwest… we get a hard freeze for a while and then we get what we’ve had the last couple days, you know the 50-degree weather and they just start popping, the thawing with the warmth, they just pop everywhere,” said Olson.

The Pekin Streets Team sends a 3-man crew along with blockers for traffic control.

“We get a cold mix, is what they call it, or a cold patch we put it in a hot box where that warms it up so it’s easier to work,” said Olson.

The Peoria Highway Department is taking the same approach.

“Potholes… they don’t really discriminate which roads they go after, they generally appear where there is a sort of cracking or joint in the pavement,” said McLaren.

While Olson said the process is fairly quick, keeping up with so many potholes a day is a balancing act.

“I know a lot of people claim that they just kind of throw it in a hole and drive away well we try to you know run it over as best we can but like I said if we sat there and tried to compact every single one, we would be there all day and then people would be complaining that we were getting anything done,” said Olson.

If you have a concern about a pothole in Pekin you can call the Pekin Streets Team and they will make a work order for your request. Olson said they will try to get to it in 1-2 days, they can be reached at 309-477-2325.

For potholes in the Peoria area, you can download the Peoria Cares app and simply just take a picture of the pothole along with information on the street it’s located at.

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