PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – As costs for consumers continue to increase, President Joe Biden addressed rising inflation on Tuesday.

“The last time gas prices were near what we’re seeing today is in 2008,” said Molly Hart, AAA spokesperson.

The rising costs are causing local drivers to rethink how they fill up their tanks.

“I just don’t fill up anymore like I used to, because it’d probably cost me $80 dollars just fill up,” said Carol Peterson, a local driver.

Tuesday, President Joe Biden addressed inflation impacting American consumers.

“I want every American to know that I’m taking inflation very seriously and it’s my top domestic priority,” Biden said.

Biden did not introduce new initiatives but highlighted congressional Democrats’ plans to lower costs and the national deficit.

“By asking large corporations and the wealthiest Americans to not engage in price gouging and to pay their fair share in taxes,” Biden said.

Meanwhile, the president criticized what he said are Republican efforts.

“They don’t want to solve inflation by lowering your costs, they want to solve it by raising your taxes and lowering your income. I happen to think it’s a good thing when American families have a little more money at the end of the month,” Biden said.

Some community members said they believe the government must come up with a solution that eases the strain on wallets.

“It feels like we’re being robbed. They need to step in and show us that they can help us when times are hard because we’re all Americans and this is the time to show it,” said Jerome Hunt, a local driver.

President Biden also attributed rising inflation to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the supply chain. He said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is almost making an impact.