PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Christmas may be over but local shoppers are still heading to the stores in droves.

Monday, Northwoods Mall in Peoria filled up with shoppers.

“Having the day off from work and getting out and spending our Christmas money and shopping local,” said Jenny Landino, a local shopper.

Like Landino and her family, many were looking to get rid of their holiday cash, including shoppers of all ages.

“We got some money for Christmas so we just wanted to come get some clothes, and like a hat, some candy or something, said Van Young, a local shopper.

The general manager of Northwoods Mall, Julie Revallo, said they’ve seen lots of business recently. Leading up to Christmas, she said more people walked through their doors than the year prior.

“We were in a pandemic so people wanted to get out and enjoy the interaction with others so we were very happy with the sales,” Revallo said.

Revallo is expecting that momentum to continue as post-holiday shopping picks up, not only with shoppers returning some items but also with those looking to top off their Christmas wish list.

“I think they’ll be double backing around to see if the items they wanted before Christmas are now on sale, so they can take advantage of that,” Revallo said.

As many people head online to do their shopping, Revallo said doing it in person is an experience that can’t be replaced.

“Coming out and being able to shop at the stores, to feel the material you’re buying, to try on your clothes seeing how they look in the mirror,” Revallo said.

According to a recent survey from the National Retail Federation, 70 percent of shoppers are planning to make purchases this week.