BARTONVILLE, Ill. (WMBD)– Fundraising and fighting for inclusivity, local high school students are carrying on the tradition by giving back.

Every year the Limestone Community High School student council works for two full weeks to raise money for Easterseals. On Tuesday, students celebrated the culmination of two weeks of work.

“It kind of starts honestly at the beginning of the year because we have homecoming and we have haunted hallways and all that stuff,” said student council president, Avery Robinson.

For 44 years, the student council raises money, and promote a message of inclusivity.

“EasterSeals has taught me so many things and I’m so glad we do this for Easterseals because it’s a great two weeks but also a great life lesson for everyone here,” Robinson said.

Over the past two weeks, students raised more than $72,000.

“The money and support raised by Limestone allow us to keep providing the specialized Pediatric therapy that we do,” said Easterseals outreach coordinator Molly Hogeboom.

Molly Hogeboom says it’s about more than the money.

“The message of inclusion that the school carries throughout the year is just phenomenal. This is a big celebration of that and their fundraising efforts,” Hogeboom said.

The students get a lot from the fundraising, too.

“It’s taught me how to include those kids that we don’t usually see on an everyday basis,” Robinson said.

Students say their efforts for EasterSeals is a tradition they can pass on to future rockets for years to come.

The Easterseals telethon takes place on March 6th and 7th live on WMBD and our sister station, WYZZ.