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PRINCETON. Ill. — “I started to cry. I was all choked up and emotional and I couldn’t believe it was happening,” said Lisa May, a special education teacher from Jefferson Elementary in Princeton.

May took to Facebook last week after Illinois State Trooper, Matthew Dalton, pulled her over for speeding.

“I happened to look in the rear view and I saw lights behind me, so I started to hit the brakes and I said to my son, ‘I think I’m being pulled over’,” said May.

Officer Dalton proceeded to ask where she was headed. May was on her way to buy a couch to use for flexible seating in her classroom.

“That was the moment I knew. I took into account this is summer, and this is a teacher that is thinking of her students outside of Monday through Friday during the school year,” said Dalton.

Without hesitation, Dalton walked back to his squad car, and issued her a warning. But when he returned to her car, he asked how much the couch was and reached into his pocket and pulled out money to contribute towards the cost.

“I didn’t mean for her to cry.. she did start to cry and I felt bad about that. But by doing something nice for somebody that was nice, it made my day as well,” said Dalton.

That night, May took to social media.

“I was flying high from it all day. I was just very moved and I thought, ‘I’m going to put something on my Facebook,'” said May.

The post was quickly shared across the world. WMBD was there when the two reunited. Dalton got to see the couch in person — also learning the couch would be named in his honor.

“I’ve never had a couch named after me so I’ve got to say that’s pretty neat!” said Dalton.

All jokes aside, at the end of the day, there was a lesson to be learned.

“Pay it forward. He did something super kind for me and I’m paying it forward as well,” said May. “Thanks Officer Dalton, you’re the best. Thank you.”

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