FARMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The famous Central Illinois snack, Kitchen Cooked chips, will no longer be made in Farmington, Illinois.

“Well, I’m upset that they will be moving, I think they should just stay here, it started here,” said Farmington resident, Nina Downard.

Downard said it’s the freshness of the chip that makes it so popular.

“If they are going to be made somewhere else, how fresh are they going to be for us when they get to us?” said Downard.

This comes after news from the chip manufacturer, Utz Brands, confirmed its moving operations out of Farmington. The building will eventually become a sales distribution center.

In a statement to WMBD, Utz Brands Senior Vice President of Marketing, Kevin Brick said quote, “As a part of this our current Farmington associates will be offered positions in the sales distribution center or other Utz facilities.”

“I’m sad that they are going to be leaving and mad because the community needs more people working here to stay here,” said Downard.

Erin Beach said she used to work at the facility, located on Main St.

“It was one of my first jobs when I moved here in 94,” said Beach.

Beach said she’s sad to see it go, but it won’t stop her from supporting the famous chip.

“My husband and I eat the chips, and we love them, we’ll still buy them, though,” said Beach.

Brick said if employees are not interested in the offered jobs– severance pay and benefits will be provided. There is no information on when they will be making the big move or where they will move.