LONDON MILLS, Ill. (WMBD) — The London Mills Village Board voted Thursday to remove itself from its role in the Spoon River Scenic Drive Fall Festival.

“We just don’t have the manpower to run it anymore,” said coordinator Tracey Evitch.

In a statement to vendors, the village said if they do not collect enough vendor fees, additional costs owed by the village is paid for with taxpayer monies. Evitch said its up to the private property vendors to put on the scenic drive for London Mills.

“We’ll have a scenic drive. We’re going to have a spring show. We’re going to have a fall show just like we are now, except it’s going to be up to the private property vendors to take care of their own porta-potties, dumpsters and set their own vendors up and charge to help cover the fees,” said Evitch.

Chris Schmidt of Camp Point has consecutively been a vendor at London Mills for seven years. She told WMBD she hopes the change does not affect any of the vendors.

“I just want them to provide us a place where we can do what we do. We come here to make money. We are retired people as are a lot of people and things and we come here to sell what we make. We’re proud of our product and we just want them to provide us with a nice place to do what we do,” said Schmidt.

Evitch said London Mills was the only stop on the drive using taxpayer money for funding. She said she hopes the private property vendors pull together for next year.

“I just hope for the private property vendors to pull together and make this happen for everybody. Cause I don’t want to see this go anywhere,” Evitch said.