Longtime Bloomington restaurant giving meals to those in need

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD)–Whether you’re an essential employee, or just in need of a hot meal a restaurant in Bloomington wants to feed you and you won’t get a bill.

Keller’s Iron Skillet in Bloomington is making sure those in need are getting something to eat during the pandemic–no questions asked.

Call it a bagged lunch or maybe just a pick me up during this pandemic; either way, a Bloomington restaurant is serving up something special these days.

The owners of Keller’s Iron Skillet are making sure if you need a meal right now, you get one.

“People got breakfast, lunch. They’re very happy that they’re able to get something to eat,” said manager, Kathy Waller.

Restaurant manager Katherine Waller says they’re using a $2500 grant from Democrats in Action to offer free meals and make sure no one goes hungry. Nathan Russo, spokesperson for Democrats in Action is good friends with the owners and says they got the idea while watching the news.

“We were sitting around and he was like man what can we do. We decided to feed everyone,” Russo said.

“If someone’s going say here’s a fund, feed the people, we’re going do that,” Waller said.

Their mission started on Friday and is already popular.

“Today (Friday) has been absolutely bonkers,” Waller said.

Waller says this grant can help a lot of people in McLean County.

“With our prices meals average around six bucks, $2500 divided by six, that’s a lot of meals,” Waller said.

Russo who is a resident and has grown up in west Bloomington says he has seen the need first-hand in his own neighborhood.

“It’s a blue-collar side of town, working class people, working class families and a lot of folks aren’t going to work right now,” Russo said.

It’s a no questions asked service.

“You know if you’re in need, you know if you’re essential,” Waller said.

Keller’s serves a variety of traditional food and they plan on doing this service as long as they can. Keller’s is open seven days a week and serves breakfast and lunch.

Keller’s Hours:

Monday-Saturday 5a.m.-2p.m.

Sunday 6a.m.-1:30p.m.

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