Los Jimadores owners speak out after fire, thank community

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PRINCEVILLE, Ill. — The owners of Los Jimadores are speaking out after a structure fire burned the building that housed the Mexican restaurant, as well as the owners who lived upstairs and three families living in the building next to it.

Friday, the owners said they are no longer in shock.

I would like to take sometime now that we are not in shock anymore and we are starting to get back our ideas together and now we can think a little more clear after all this terrible week and with all the LOVE from this beautiful town call “Princeville” we would like to THANK ALL and each of you for all the love, support and friendship that everyone has showed us. We have no words to describe the feeling that our whole family has for all of you. Like many of you knows us from our Restaurant that to be honest for us it was not just a Restaurant it was and still is our “HOME”. Because we always said that we love making people feel welcome when they come to our place, we always tried our best to make you feel not just like a customer but like part of us and after going through this terrible time now we are the ones who feel at home here in this town and we cannot imagine our life’s any where else, we love the town long ago when we decided to leave Peoria to moved here permanent and our whole family love being here our kids were able to go to school here and make really good friends just like we did at the Restaurant. I’m sorry and I apologize if we were not able to answer every messages but believe me we really appreciate all the help and love that everyone here in town has given us and not just to our family but the other people who live right next to us it’s incredible the help that all of us have received and this few days. We are so happy to see that we did what we tried to do “make people feel like a family” because now all the people has makes us feel like family. With all of our hearts we THANK all of you for everything all of you have done for us…. and don’t worry we will try our best to get our Jimadores back, because we are not going anywhere else, we are at home here in Princeville and that’s where we will stay and it no matter if we have to start from the bottom again we already did it once we can do it again we are not giving up for this incident we will keep working to do what we love and what we love it’s our JIMADORES and we will get back on foot, because we belong here in princeville with all of you. Thanks again to everyone of you, THANK YOU PRINCEVILLE for all the❤️love❤️. Jimadores Inc

The owners weren’t home at the time of the fire, but an employee who also lived there was able to get out safely.

Wednesday, there were two occasions of smoldering in the structure.

An account has been set up at The Princeville State Bank to collect funds. Those interested can go to either Princeville or Peoria branch at the Shops of Grand Prarie and donate to the FBO 6/17/19 account.

Gift cards can be dropped off at the Akron-Princeville Fire Department.

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