The family of Kayla Fannon says they’re cherishing her memory. Police say Fannon was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend last Thursday morning.

Fannon’s loved ones say they’re making Central Illinois aware that domestic abuse is a real issue

Those who organized Tuesday’s event say they don’t want what happened to Kayla, happening to anyone else.

Family members released purple balloons, specifically for domestic violence awareness.

Not only does the family say they’re putting the surrounding area on notice, they say their goal is to change the way officers respond to domestic abuse cases.

Fannon’s family also says they want more information available to officers regarding an abuser’s previous charges. Loved one say if this information was available it would’ve shown officers that David Jenkins had a history of abusing Fannon and possibly saved her life.

“I always want [everyone] to remember Kayla,” said Randie Southey. “When they think of domestic violence, I want them to remember that she did not deserve this. [Kayla] was a strong women and loved her children, she should be here today.”

Right now PPD is still investigating Thursday’s shooting.