For the past 13 years the Western Avenue Community Center in Bloomington has brought people together to celebrate Dia De Los Reyes, “Kings Day”

The event has been a family favorite for years,  it wasn’t just the singing and dancing that brought  people in this year, Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti  made a special appearance.

“There are a lot of families, that come from the same background that I come from, my mother is a refugee from Cuba, and my dad is from Ecuador, and they came here so I could study, and live te American dream” Sanguinetti said.

Born in Miami, Sanguenetti shared stories about how she grew up in  poverty, overcoming those early challenges to go on and become the first latina lieutenant Governor in the nation.

“We need to fight for that environment so they can live that dream, right here in Illinois, so that they can stay here, because they find opportunity here.”

Hispanic women make up less than one percent of elected officials in the United States.  For people at the community center, letting the kids hear her message that they too could overcome the odds, was empowering.

“I invited those kids to Springfield and my office in Chicago; I told them they too could be the next Governor and Lt.  Governor… there’s no limit”