PEORIA, Ill.–Lutheran Hillside Village Assisted Living in Peoria announced a $6 million project to bring a wellness center to its facilities.

The Assisted Living company is raising this money strictly through donations, and currently has over $5 million raised.  This project will add another 19,000 square feet to the property, making it 59,000 square feet total.

“It is something that everyone here has dreamed of for a long time and it’s finally a reality.  It’s all because of the people who are generously donating so we can fund it,” said Lutheran Hillside Village Executive Director Shelly Heiden.

“It is all focused on health and wellness.  We’re gonna have an indoor therapy pool, a warm therapy pool, we’re gonna have an exercise room, and a fitness room and an indoor walking track and a movie theater. It will really add to the amenities offered here,” Heiden said.

Not only will this bring a wellness center to the facility, but the money raised from donations will also help employ people to run the center.