Aaron Chess faces backlash for attending Trump rally

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Neighbors living on Peoria’s Southside are riled up after seeing a potential first district city council candidate attend a Trump rally over the weekend.

Aaron Chess is seeking to represent a part of Peoria predominately made up of minorities. Chess says he is trying to break the stigmas associated with political parties.

Vying for a seat to serve community members he was born and raised around, Chess says he is from the Southside of Peoria but recently lost the support of some family and friends after attending a trump rally in Iowa over the weekend.

Facebook posts from people in the district Chess wants to represent attacked him, some reading in part, “You follow someone that doesn’t care about the majority in the district you are trying to help…”

Chess said it’s time for change and not all blacks have to be democrats. He told WMBD he recently switched political sides after realizing he was only a democrat because it was something he was born in to.

“It’s the mindset that was put in every black household. We got to vote democrat. But I started seeing things I didn’t agree with. Seeing a community, a city that kept voting on one party cause they were told to constantly, (and) at the end of the election, (were) neglected.”

A supporter of Chess, War Muhammad, says the black community shouldn’t bully someone for exercising their constitutional right.

“I don’t think the party your with should determine the policy-making for the community. The policy should be based on what the community needs and I think Aaron left the democratic party because of the needs of the community,” he said.

Chess says both parties have flaws but claims if you stick to one party without research, the community will never change.

The primary election for the Peoria city council is in February. As of right now, he and Denise Jackson are challenging incumbent Denise Moore.

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