Man with cerebral palsy proudly serves as an honorary police officer

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MORTON, Ill. — The Morton Pumpkin Festival brought tons of people out Thursday.

Carnival rides, pumpkin pie, and lots of family-friendly activities were offered.

Kids were able to get off the sidelines and actually participate in a Kiddie Parade. For many of the kids, it was a dream come true. However, those kids weren’t the only ones who’s dreams were fulfilled.

Honorary Officer Zack Taylor also joined in the fun. He was happy be at the parade, but even more excited to serve his community.

“His brother had the passion and loved him enough that he wanted this for him and we were more than happy to make that dream come true for him,” Sgt. Steven Brock with the Morton Police Department said.

Taylor is new to the Morton Auxilary Police Department. He grew up in a family full of police officers and since he was a kid he dreamt of being a man in blue.

“My dad did it, brother did it and my other brother did it and I just like police stuff,” Taylor said.

He has cerebral palsy, but that didn’t stop the Morton Auxilary Police Department from making him an honorary officer.

“He’s got that big mustache and that big wide smile that you can’t help but feel happy around,” Sgt. Brock said.

Members of the community are proud of Taylor. They smile and wave whenever they see him on duty.

From now on, Taylor will assist with crowd control for big events. His bedroom is filled with police parephenalia and decor. Now, he can proudly wear is own uniform and badge.

“We hope zack fulfills his dream and he enjoys participating in the community and being the Auxilary policeman that he is,” Sandy Rahn of Peoria said.

Morton police officers said Taylor feels like just another member of the team.

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