Managing media intake to improve your mental health

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)–A Bradley professor using social media to support your health during the pandemic.

Creating and maintaining a routine with your media is a great way to support your health amid the pandemic. The information you take in from the TV or social media can affect how people think.

Bradley professor, Dr. Rachelle Pavelko says connecting with characters in TV shows or movies in situations can give you a different outake.

Pavelko also saying what and how you consume media is one of the few things a person can control in this unprecedented time.

“If you’re finding something that you’ve been reading pre-pandemic is using detrimental language to your mental health or covering the crisis, or other aspects of the news in a really negative way for your own perception, maybe take a break from that,” Pavelko said.

She also says to take advantage of services such as telehealth to stay mentally healthy.

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