PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Students from Manual High School used their acting skills and knowledge of black leaders to make black history come to life.

Thursday, the school hosted its “Living Museum: Black History Comes Alive” event. It showcased African American people who have made a difference in Peoria and throughout Illinois.

Each attendee had fake money, they used it to bring each character “to life.” The students upheld the roles of several different characters and provided clues, giving participants a chance to guess who they were.

Brynna Stewart was one of the student participants. She upheld the role of Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat, the superintendent of Peoria Public Schools.

“I’m from the Dominican West Indies. I speak with an accent and I got my bachelors and masters degree from Bradley University..”

Bryanna Stewart, Manual High School

After receiving a few clues, eventually, some participants guessed correctly.

Rosie Cole, a Manual High School alumna, said she loves supporting the high school’s events. Cole said this event was eye-opening.

It was because there were some of the characters from black history that I could not identify with and I like that they had a quiz and they named the different events of black history.

Rosie Cole, event participant

Black-owned businesses were also highlighted on what was called the “Black Wall Street” showcase.

That was a plus because there was a couple of businesses I did not even know existed and they’re here in Peoria.

Rosie Cole, event participant

The students said the celebration of black history should not only be limited to one month, but acknowledged every day.