Many residents in the Tri-Valley community are upset over concrete ready-mix plant in Downs

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DOWNS, Ill. (WMBD) — Some residents in the Tri-Valley community are raising concerns after a special use permit was passed to allow a concrete ready-mix plant to be built in Downs, Illinois.

Concerns for Tri-Valley residents include: industrial trucks driving through the community, and the plant’s placement, which based on rough drafts, could potentially be 12 hundred feet away from tri-valley middle school, and a local subdivision.

“The safety as far as the environment, and the air conditions go for the children, and then also noise pollution, these kiddos are in school trying to learn, and the concrete plant is not the most quiet thing,” said community member Carol Kaase.

Mike James, Mayor of Downs, said the plant is a huge benefit to the village.

“It’s a business where the entire village does not have to participate in to bring in revenue. One of our big concerns as a board is providing our village revenue, usually through sales tax, is our biggest mechanism for that, so that we don’t have to rely on the state to provide us with that revenue,” said James.

He said measures will be put in place to control any dust, or noise pollution coming from the plant.

“We’re gonna ask for a birm to be built in front of the building, so that it covers the entire front, right now we’re in discussions whether there’ll be trees or whether there will be a fence on top of that, I would prefer trees. Plant location, how it faces will also be another factor, and then we talked about the recycling portion that’ll have birms around it,” said James.

Kaase is not convinced.

“I asked the mayor if it would be possible to hire an unbiased third party, to test, and to assess risk, and he said that that would not be possible, or the community would have to pay for that out of pocket,” said Kaase.

Since the special use permit has already been given, the plant will be built, unless legal action is taken by those in the community.

Information on the plant that was mailed to residents and businesses of Downs can be found here.

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