Maquon suffers from odorous and abnormally colored water

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MAQUON, Ill., — Tuesday, neighbors in the village of Maquon expressed their frustrations.

“The smell is stronger now and it smells more like sewer than it ever did,” Maquon Public Library director Mardell May said.

Clean water is something everyone should have access to, but village residents said they’ve had to deal with oddly odored and abnormally colored water.

“It’s so bad it’s really affecting the quality of life to live in Maquon and we would like to see the board settle this and get something done,” May said.

Some say because of the sulfur-like smell and dingy color they are forced to go out of town to bring in clean water.

“We haul in water, we haul in gallons to use to make tea and coffee and we use bottle water just to drink,” May said.

Tuesday, the village board addressed concerns at a town meeting and told families that they are doing their best to fix the issue, which is a malfunctioning pipe in the water tower.

“It’s all a process it’s not an overnight resolution it is an on-going issue and it is something we are diligently looking at,” village board trustee Kari Nicholas said.

“I’m concerned that’s it’s not gonna get taken care of, and it’s not going to get taken care of properly, then what do we do,” May said.

Some have their doubts, but the village president John Mcleese, is adamant about fixing the problem.

“This is 2019 boys and girls, if they can take water from all these third world countries and make it drinkable there is a way we can eliminate all these problems, odors, etc. from our water system,” Mcleese said.

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