BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD)– A country-wide mask mandate being dropped extends not only to air travel, but also to buses.

Connect Transit in the Twin Cities decided to drop masking requirements and allow masks to be optional for passengers.

The public transportation’s General Manager David Braun said they will comply with TSA requirements. Barriers to protect operators will still be in place, and they will give masks out to the public on request until they run out.

“What we found, though, is that we were giving a lot of masks away. As they boarded the bus without a mask because they were unaccustomed to bringing one with them, our drivers were handing them a mask, telling them they needed to wear it onboard the bus. So, it’s funny, we became a supplier of masks,” Braun said.

A statement from CityLink in Peoria says the company will also allow masks for drivers and passengers to be optional.

“Following a federal court ruling, the mask mandate on public transportation conveyances and at public transportation hubs has been lifted effective April 19, 2022. Bus operators and passengers of CityLink fixed route service, CityLift paratransit service, and CountyLink rural transportation service are no longer required to wear masks while riding any of those services or while inside the Transit Center facility. However, operators and passengers who prefer to continue to wear masks for their safety are welcome to do so.”