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Mayor's Youth Program gets underway

PEORIA, Ill. - 20 Peoria students will spend their summer putting in some hard work giving back to the city.

The 8-week Mayor's Youth Group got underway Monday.

The paid program puts Peoria Public School students out in the community to work on infrastructure improvement, beautification, and clean-up projects throughout the city.

City leaders say the program is about much more than that, it's about putting students on a pathway to success.

"It's more than just doing the work, it's building relationships, it's building friendships, it's learning skills," Superintendent of Operations for Peoria Public Works, Sie Maroon, explains. "Honestly, sometimes they'll walk in here and you can barely hear them speak, barely say their name and when they're walking out of here their last day they are just excited, they're thrilled for the experience, they've gained a lot of knowledge."

The students work 5 days a week and will visit a different business each week to learn about different career opportunities available within the community.

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