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McClean County Republicans discuss referendums expected on ballot

MCLEAN COUNTY - Voters in McLean County will be seeing three referendums on their ballot next month. Republicans in the county say those decisions will send a message to Springfield.

The first referendum asks voters if they believe elected officials should have term limits.The second is about a possible 1 percent property tax raise to help fund pensions.
Third referendum exclusively for Bloomington will ask if voters agree with merger between the Bloomington Election Commission and the McLean County Clerk's office.

"We're going to have signs and mailings and postings and information in our website to allow voters to learn about the issue before they vote. A key republican principle is putting the power into the hands of the voters," said Connie Beard, Chairman for McLean County Republicans.

Also during a press conference today, Mclean County Republican chairman, asked for Democratic clerk candidate Nikita Richards to come forward and apologize for her recent comments on current clerk Kathy Michael. We reached out to Richards office but we were not able to make contact.


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