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McLean and DNR host meeting about tame deer

MCLEAN, Il. - We first brought you the story of the deer that stole the heart of McLean residents.

The Department of Natural Resources is still working to find a solution to help the half-grown doe.

On Tuesday night, the town and DNR held a public forum. They wanted to let McLean residents know they plan to capture her, and bring her to a rehabilitation center in Hudson. The DNR plans to keep an eye out for her, hoping to catch her without being sedated.

"It's become very apparent that this is what we would classify as a tame deer," said Ed Cross, DNR Director of Communications. "And we want to make sure we are making a decision based on what's best for the deer."

Once the doe makes it through rehabilitation, they will deside if she's capable of being released to the wild, or if they need to find a zoo for her to live.

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