BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — McLean County began election judge training for the 2022 election cycle Saturday, at the Government Center in downtown Bloomington.

“We’re gonna have almost 25 training sessions,” said McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael.

She said they learn everything from point A to point B in a training session.

“You’re gonna learn where to sit when you go in the polling place, what each table does when a voter walks in the door, you’re gonna learn when you first get to the polling place to help set up, how to turn on the equipment, how to check it to make sure it’s a zero tape, so there’s no votes in there… you’re gonna learn a lot about security,” said Michael.

Michael added, they need nearly 400 to 500 election judges each cycle.

“And we have over 400 that have signed up for training,” said Michael.

She said this year, they’ve introduced brand new voting equipment.

“Everybody, even the veteran judges, they’ve all got to learn from scratch, so to speak,” said Michael.

Saturday’s 9:00 a.m. session was training for first-time election judges. Michael said they brought veteran judges in to help assist with any questions.

She said first-time judges will be paired with veteran judges when election day comes.

“The very first time, they’re gonna be with veteran judges, so they don’t so that they don’t have to bear all that nervousness all by themselves since they’re brand new,” said Michael.

She added, they try and limit sessions to around 25 people, so trainees can have a more individualized experience. Michael said they are always eager to hear feedback after sessions as well.

“What did you learn? How do you feel? Are you comfortable with the equipment? Do you have any questions that you would like to ask? And then we’ll have some follow-up training after all of this training for any last-minute questions as well,” said Michael.

Primary Election day in Illinois is June 28.