McLean County Board addresses dispute between Auditor and Treasurer; may seek outside help to resolve the issue

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MCLEAN COUNTY, Ill. — McLean County’s bookkeepers are still clashing over accounting practices.

The auditor and treasurer are in a disagreement over how to count the county’s money. This follows a change in the bill pay system dating back to January of last year.

On Monday, the County Board held a special meeting to address the dispute, and brainstorm ways to resolve it.

One option the county is exploring is hiring an independent auditor to create a written policy, because the auditor and treasurer cannot agree on one. Currently there is no formal policy in place for accounting.

“We’ve always been able to get along without it,” said County Board Chairman, Jim Soeldner (R). “With just an unwritten policy, we’re finding out we are having problems with that. We may look to, either hire a professional, or see if there is someone in the community that’s a former CPA or retired CPA that may be willing to work with us.”

Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. the county board will meet for it’s regularly scheduled meeting, where they will make the final decision on whether to hire help.

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