NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — On Wednesday McLean County candidates for multiple races gathered at Illinois State University for an open house and forum Wednesday.

The candidates in attendance were in the running for the Heartland Community College Board of Trustees, Unit 5 and District 87 School Districts and Normal Town and Bloomington City Councils.

During the open house, each race had a breakout session where candidates were asked questions by community stakeholders.

Council candidates were asked how will they address the lack of trust in government.

“Be available and always provide clear communication to my constituents. Continue to have meetings, continue to have neighborhood get-togethers, be available to them, have office hours,” said John Danenberger, Bloomington Ward 4 Candidate.

School Board candidates were asked how can they make sure there are equitable services for students.

“In order to make sure we are bridging that gap and making sure that access is happening is making sure that first and foremost the Unit 5 Referendum passes,” said Mark Adams, Unit 5 School Board Candidate.

“I think that we need to look at the community as well for help in these situations. Like with churches and other groups around the community. It’s not just a school issue. But I don’t think that the referendum is necessarily the fix to that,” said Ameé Jada, Unit 5 School Board Candidate.

The candidates who were in attendance included:

Heartland Community College Board of Trustees: Cecelia Long, Mary Campbell, David Selzer  

District 87 School Board: Mark Wylie, Veleda Harvey, Courtney Turnbull, Cathy Lust

Bloomington City Council: Jenna Kearns – Ward 1, Donna Boelen – Ward 2, Steven Nalefski – Ward 4, John Danenberger – Ward 4, Cody Hendricks – Ward 6, Jordan Baker – Ward 6.

Unit 5 School Board: Brad Wurth, Ameé Jada, Mollie Emery, Dennis Frank, Alex Williams, Kelly Pyle, Amy Roser, Mark Adams

Normal Town Council: Kathleen Lorenz, Karyn Smith, Andy Byars

The consolidated election will be held on April 4.