McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael responds after ethics complaint filed

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McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael wants her supporters to stand together and “stop this radical socialist agenda”.

Michael shares her concerns in a press release sent to our newspartner WJBC. In it, she reveals that an ethics complaint has been filed against her.

Michael is trying to defend her position against democratic challenger Nikita Richards. The incumbent says she plans to soon share who she believes filed the complaint.

Here is the full press release provided to us by WJBC:

As I expected, I was informed today that an Ethics Complaint has been filed against me, coincidentally just before the first Forum on October 4 between my opponent and me; and following a similar complaint filed against my opponent. I’ll have more details tomorrow, as to who filed and the details of the Complaint.

This unfortunately is the political climate in which we live. You can see it playing out on the national scene, and now, it’s come to McLean County; a “win at any cost” mentality when a candidate has no issues on which to run.

Recently my opponent had an Ethics Complaint filed against her with the City of Bloomington; not by me, nor any of my supporters nor the Republican Party. Also, I held a Press Conference two weeks ago, where I issued a detailed, documented statement of the disturbing comments, made on video and in an interview nation-wide by my opponent, that I felt finally had to be addressed. One statement was particularly disturbing, where my opponent stated that she is running for County Clerk to stop the “voter suppression against the disabled, the blacks and browns.” This is an outrageous statement. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone who has worked with our office for the past 8 years knows what a shocking statement this is; what a lie it is.

This Ethics Complaint is a typical “October surprise” which is usually witnessed in the state-wide or national political arena; and now, it’s come to our county. The first forum between my opponent and me is October 4. It is not a coincidence that the timing of this Ethics Complaint has been filed to try to attack my reputation and my integrity before the forum.

Expect a Press Release shortly from the McLean County Republican Party where we stand together to stop this radical, socialist agenda from taking over our county in their efforts to try to smear not only me, but others who have worked for McLean County for all the right reasons; to serve our county. . . . our home. We need you to stand with us. I have never been more proud to be your County Clerk. Join me, as we fight together to save our county.

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