BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Voting in McLean County is about to get easier.

Election officials are doing what they can to make sure they’re ready for a large crowd.

In recent years, long lines at ISU meant a long wait for voters.

Officials say this is because people wait till the last minute to register to vote. In an effort to cut down on waiting times leaders are urging people to register to vote before-hand.

McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael says people in rural counties set a good example.

“We have equivalent numbers of voters out in the rural areas with no long lines because about 90% of those folks are registered to vote. That’s what makes that really big difference so were really excited to get that word out as well,” said Michael.

The county also recently received $300,000 that went towards replacing the current laptop system with ipads. Even though the laptops were very user-friendly Michael says the ipads are even easier to use.

“Even the older folks that you might think, not that we’re judging, might be a little resistant since they were doing so well on the laptops they just love it cause you can just use your finger and swipe and it’s just a wonderful thing,” said Michael.