McLean County is seeing a drop in drug related overdoses

Local News

Despite the national trend, In 2018, McLean County saw a massive drop in overdose deaths.

The county saw 40 opioid related deaths in 2017, a 150% increase from the year before, but in 2018 city leaders were able to help reverse the trend.

According to Coroner Kathy Yoder, there were 28 overdose deaths in 2018, a 30% decrease.

This is, in part, due to law enforcement and health officials creating a number of initiatives and drug drop off centers. 

It’s those initiatives paired with good Samaritan laws that are helping those numbers drop.

“Sometimes when someone would overdose the friend or a relative would be afraid to call the police thinking that they would get in trouble,” said John Fermon, Bloomington Police Department Spokesman. “We want to help, we know addiction is hard to break and we know some people need help.”

With more emphasis being put on drug related safety, county leaders are hoping the new downward trend in McLean County continues.

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