MCLEAN COUNTY, Ill. (WMBD) — The McLean County Zoning Board of Appeals tabled an item impacting the Mahomet Aquifer and CO2 pipelines. The board intended to vote on amended use standards for CO2 Sequestration Drilling. These recommendations came from the Land Use and Development Committee.

The board’s main meeting room was unavailable. The temporary room which is smaller was filled to capacity and had an overflow into the hallway. The board said due to Open Meetings Act laws they had to table the item.

Representatives from the group Illinois People’s Action were present opposing the drilling because they said the well would be under the Mahomet Aquifer which is the primary source of drinking water.

“Drilling a well that goes through the aquifer is not a good idea. Beyond that, they want to store liquid CO2 beneath the aquifer. And we know that leaks happen, especially over time,” said Julie Prandi.

Danielle Anderson, Public Relations Manager for Navigation CO2, the company pushing for the drilling said the well would protect the groundwater.

“I live in Bloomington,” said Anderson. “That is also my drinking water. The whole purpose of a class six injection well, which is a CO2 injection well, is to protect groundwater.”

To see the proposed amended changes click here.