Mechanics give advice on preparing your car for cold weather

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PEORIA, Ill. — As summer fades out and the chilly weather is creeping in, it’s important for drivers to make sure their cars are in order.

However, experts are saying there’s not much preparation that goes into getting cars ready weather for the temperature change.

Brett Beachler, vice president of Beachlers Vehicle Care & Repair, said cars today are better equipt to handle the incoming colder temperatures.

“Because of the technology nowadays, which I applaud the technology, the cold really really doesn’t have that much much of an effect on cars,” Beachler said.

Beachler said the three biggest things car owners should worry about are oil, tires, and battery.

“Extreme cold and extreme heat will affect a weak battery,” Beachler said. “Tire pressures will drop one pound per ten degrees of ambient temperature.”

He said it’s best to check oil levels once a month and ideally keep the oil at the full line of the stick. He also said it’s recommended to follow the guidelines for the tire pressure listed on the car door jam’s placard.

“The engineers of the car established that for ideal handling and ideal ride,” Beachler said. “So if a car door placard says put 35 pounds of pressure in the tire, that’s what you want to do.”

But as far as engines go, Beachler said cars these days aren’t much affected by the cold weather so there’s not a huge checklist of items for drivers to check off in regards to preparing for drops in temperature.

“The quality of the engines and the quality of the fluid that is going to the engine are much much greater than they were decades ago,” Beachler said.

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