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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Our first taste of warmer weather in the Midwest starts in the early spring.

OSF Healthcare medical staff said different types of weather can have multiple impacts on the body depending on the forecast.

“It can help reduce vitamin D deficiency, by getting a little bit of sunlight. That’s something we don’t get indoors,” said OSF Healthcare Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jordan Meiss.

As the weather becomes warmer, it can become a problem for those with outdoor allergies.

“Well in general, pollen, just like other allergens, affects your respiratory tract and mucus membranes. So common things like it can cause eye itching or tearing. It can result in sneezing and coughing and fatigue,” said Meiss.

Those looking to run through the neighborhood again may have to alter how much time they need to get ready, especially if the forecast has colder temperatures that day.

“Specifically when the weather is cold, a general rule of thumb would be to warm up twice as long as you normally would,” said Meiss.

“It shunts blood away from your extremities, meaning your arms, legs, and it brings it to your core to try and keep your organs working and not let you freeze to death. As a result of that, your limbs are going to become stiffer. It’s going to be harder for you to exercise. So you got to make sure you’re warming up,” said OSF Healthcare Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon Dr. Keith Corpus.

Low pressure systems can even impact the body when you are not active inside.

“The reason why that happens is that when you get low barometric pressure or low pressure in the atmosphere, the pressure in your body — the pressure in your joints — actually is higher than the pressure outside of your joints. When something has higher pressure, it pushes against the area of lower pressure, so your body tends to expand or swell a little bit,” said Corpus.

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