Members of Illinois Republican House caucus blame democrats for population loss, dropped seat in congress

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – Following 2020 census results, Illinois House Republicans say democrat leadership is responsible for the state’s population loss.

87th District State Representative Tim Butler said the impact of Illinois dropping a seat in Congress is two-fold.

“Not only is that a great blemish on the prestige of our State of Illinois, it really comes home to roost when it comes to our power in Washington D.C,” Butler said.

Butler explained that while the midwest did see the smallest increase in population, Illinois is one of only three states in the country to see a decrease since 2010, and no state bordering Illinois lost congressional representation.

“A lot of that growth in neighboring states has come from Illinois. So this is really a sad day in Illinois’ history,” he said.

During a virtual event on Monday, 73rd District Representative Ryan Spain placed blame on poor public policy and high taxes, among other factors as the reason for population decline.

“These very issues that have been dominated by a democratic majority in the State of Illinois for decades have real consequences,” Spain said.

Monday, Butler also expressed concerns about gerrymandering as Illinois faces congressional redistricting.

“When you’ve got Washington democrats really pounding on Illinois democrats to draw maps to a partisan advantage, unfortunately, that’s what we’re going to see,” Butler said.

Spain said locally, Illinois democrats should not draw the state’s legislative maps themselves.

“They want to be the only organization that draws legislative districts and I think it’s patently unfair, and will lead to more of the same,” Spain said.

State Republicans and Democrats have been at odds on what data to use for redistricting. The Census Bureau announced it intends to release its data by Sept. 30.

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