Methodist College enrollment doubles in last 10 years

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PEORIA, Ill.–A local college, normally known as a nursing school, is offering more degrees which is bringing in more students.

In 10 years, Methodist College has doubled its enrollment.

It hit an all-time high of 702 students this fall.

The Chancellor of Methodist, Dr. James Dire is excited with how the school has expanded, and says the new campus built in 2016 has been a big attraction for students to attend.

“We’re in our fourth academic year in the new facility and that’s really brought a lot of students to us. We’ve had an increase in enrollment pretty much every year since. We hit 700 students for the first time this fall, so that’s really a milestone for us,” Dr. Dire said.

“Nationwide college enrollments have actually been decreasing in the last few years. Most of that is because fewer students are graduating from high school. Not that there’s a lower graduation rate, but because there’s fewer students going to high school,” Dr. Dire said.

“While most schools are decreasing in enrollment, we’ve had a steady increase in enrollment over the recent years. What that really means is there’s a lot of jobs out there in healthcare, and there will continue to be jobs in healthcare and human services, so we’re offering the right degrees to provide people jobs in the workforce,” Dr. Dire said.

Dr. Dire said most of the students at Methodist College are from central Illinois.

Methodist College offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Healthcare Management, and Social Work.

It also offers a Medical Assistant Certificate, Gerontology Certificate, and a Master of Science in Nursing.

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