BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The lemur found in a Bloomington garage this past January has been taken care of at Miller Park Zoo the past few months, but they are looking for a sanctuary to send him to next.

Zoo Director Jay Pratte said that the zoo is looking into finding a sanctuary for the lemur, whose name is “King Julian”. In the meantime, they are thinking about setting up an exhibit to showcase the animal while they have it.

Pratte said that illegal pet ownership is a larger issue than it is given credit for, and that animal experts need the help of regular citizens.

“There are a ton of exotic pets that actually end up illegally owned, not only in the state of Illinois, in the Midwest, but across the country, it’s a huge problem and it’s something that AZA-accredited zoos and reputable sanctuaries are trying to address, and that’s where we need people’s help,” Pratte said.

The lemur is currently away from the zoo in a quarantine zone. Zoo officials said that lemurs need social interaction and a pack of around 40 to 50 other lemurs. The lemur was also believed to be owned illegally, as owning a primate is illegal in the state of Illinois.