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Miller Park Zoo welcomes new monkeys

BLOOMINGTON - The Miller Park Zoo recently welcomed two new monkeys to the animal collection.

Two male Francois Langurs named Kuantan and Ping were added last week and can be seen inside the Katthoefer Animal Building. Kuantan turns 10 years old on Aug. 18 while Ping turns 12 years old on Aug. 16. They are half-siblings as they have the same father.

Francois Langurs are an endangered species due to habitat loss and hunting. They grow to be approximately 24 inches tall with a tail length of approximately 33 inches. The average weight for an adult Francois Langur is 13-15 lbs.

“When it comes to the animal collection, the Miller Park Zoo shows amazing diversity for a small zoo,” says Jay Tetzloff, Zoo Director.  “Everyone likes primates so it worked out great that the newest addition also fills a void in the animal diversity we show our guests.”

The two brothers are part of the Francois Langur Species Survival Plan. For at least the short term, the Miller Park Zoo will not be breeding this species. 

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