Miranda’s Law: How the proposed law could protect Peoria Public School children who ride the bus

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The Director of Transportation at Peoria Public Schools says he hope’s Miranda’s Law passes.

Named after 10-year-old Miranda Vargas who was killed in a school bus crash in 2018, the driver of that bus had more than 10 driving suspensions.

This law aims to ensure children are safe on school buses.

It would require that school districts and bus companies receive automatic alerts if a bus driver is caught breaking the law.

Josh Collins, the Director of Transportation at Peoria Public Schools, says Illinois already has strict bus driver laws, but this would be beneficial for all states.

“It would even the playing field a little bit among the states. Each state can be different, one state might not be so stringent with their requirements as another. It takes the first step toward leveling the field across the country for all school bus drivers,” Collins said.

“It would guarantee us notice if you as a driver were to obtain a ticket, like a speeding ticket or something like that just so we’re aware of it. In Illinois if you receive more than two tickets within a calendar year you run the risk of losing your school bus drivers permit,” Collins said.

Collins says when bus drivers do get a ticket, such as a speeding ticket in their personal vehicle, the department uses the honor system where their bus drivers are supposed to report them.

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