Mitchell’s Story: ‘Brain Paint’ creates new picture for local family

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Eight years ago the Glasseys were searching for answers for their son Mitchell.
At three years old, Mitchell was diagnosed with autism and an auditory processing disorder that had the family walking on eggshells in tense situations.
“At the time we thought they were problem behaviors, but they really were symptoms of his disorder,” says Rachael Glassey
 Those symptoms would lead Mitchell and his parents through the doors of Easterseals.
 “Mitchell came here because he was struggling with emotional regulations and his impulsivity,” says Pediatric Counselor Deeanne Reimers. 
 The staff at Easterseals began focusing on Mitchells mental flexibility, his ability to adapt in different situations, and emotional controls. After questions went unanswered, one member suggested ‘Brain Paint.’
 “I felt brain paint would be good with him,” adds Reimers.  “It could address those issues at their brain based levels”
 Brain Paint is a neuro, feedback-based system that’s designed to help kids with learning disabilities, mood disorders, or other cognitive deficiencies.
 “It basically just takes them to the most efficient default kind of pattern so it just teaches their brain or allows them to teach their brain to get the best possible outcome,” says Easter Seals Counselor Carla Morris.
 Glassey said of the process, “We just kept nudging with all these different, behavior strategies that the Easterseals gave us, but I feel like that last shove was really brain paint.”
Patients can begin to see real results after five to eight sessions. For the Glasseys, the relief of seeing that development is life-changing.
 “The whole tone of our is house is just lighter,” Mitchell’s mom said.
 The highlight for Mitchell is seeing the people who have helped him reach these milestones.
 “Deanne has been great with Mitchell, she’s so patient,” says Rachael. “He wants to be here and he likes Deanne really well.”
The staff made the Glasseys’ decision seem like a “no brainer” in their time of need
 “It was just a scary time, it was like we got you, we’re going to tell you everything that you need to know, we’re going to introduce you to therapists, we’re going to help you figure out what you need to make your child have a good successful happy life.”
You can help kids like Mitchell get services at Easterseals by donating to the annual Telethon. It’s coming up Saturday, March 4 from 6:00-10:30 and will air on WMBD.

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