BLOOMINGTON Ill. (WMBD) — Impact Life at Carle Bromenn Medical Center offered the use of mixed reality headsets to those who were giving blood.

The mixed reality headset is a Microsoft HoloLens 2 and is meant to be calming and distract blood donors who may be at risk of passing out or for those who have a fear of needles.

Kirby Winn with Impact Life said using mixed reality technology may be the future of health care.

“Some folks, if they’re a little nervous about blood donation. It’s something to distract your mind and you kind of go away to another place,” said Winn.

He continued, “But also the way the device works, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 that we use, it allows the phlebotomist, the collections specialist working with the donor to still see how they’re doing. They can still see through the device back into their eyes and have a conversation even as the donor is experiencing the game and listening to the music that is a part of that,” said Winn.

He said the donors who participated with the mixed reality headsets all reported positive feedback.