Monkey at Peoria Zoo passes away

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The Peoria Zoo lost a pal. Tana, a female colobus monkey, passed away Wednesday.

She and three other monkeys arrived from the Central Park Zoo on Nov. 1, 2008. This species was the first acquired for the “Africa!” exhibit that opened at the Peoria Zoo in 2009. 

“She was by far the oldest female colobus monkey I ever worked with and I’ll miss her feisty personality,” the primary keeper Regan Slonecker said.

The median life expectancy for a female colobus monkey in human care is 13.5 years.

Although the species is abundant in several areas, it is threatened in parts of its range by habitat loss through deforestation for timber and conversion to exotic forest plantations or agricultural land. Hunting may also be severely impacting some local populations as animals are killed for their skins.

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