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MORE AT FOUR: Tazewell Co. Board Chairman addresses auditor position and lawsuit

David Zimmerman says eliminating the current position would save money

TAZEWELL COUNTY - Wednesday, the Tazewell County board decided to leave the fate of the auditor's position in the hands of voters. A referendum will be placed on the upcoming ballot to eliminate the county auditor position.

Meanwhile, auditor Shelly Hranka has filed a lawsuit against Zimmerman and the county board for allegedly and knowingly stripping her officer of lawful duties, staff and resources to the effectively do the job.

"When you think about it, they are wanting the office to fail," Hranka told WMBD's Eugene Daniel on Monday. "They've wanted the office to fail since 2016."

"We've been looking to eliminate the auditor for a least a dozen years, so this isn't something new," said Zimmerman.

Watch his full interview and thoughts on the upcoming referendum.

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