MORTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Morton High School marching band is celebrating a big win following its performance at the Bands of America Grand National Championships.

The band reached the semifinals and was second in class 2A. That wasn’t the only award the potters would take home though. The band received 18th overall in the country.

Craig Hatter is a co-director of the high school band. He said it was hard to put into words just how proud he is of his students.

“The bands the students were going up against, a lot of them don’t take every student, a lot of them have what we call ‘alternates’ and things like that. Here in Morton we really pride ourselves on bringing all students up to the same level. We’re a no-cut activity. Some students may have different responsibilities, different times of the shows and things like that but we really pride ourselves on creating an environment where all students can be successful,” said Hatter.

The students got to perform at Lucas Oil Stadium, the same field the Indianapolis Colts play on.